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Available ModelsTS3100 Tape Library Model L2U 6173 L2U
Drive OptionsLTO 7: FH Fibre - ATP0/00WF765, HH SAS - ATP1/00WF767, HH Fibre - ATP2/00WF769; LTO 6: FH Fibre - AS1Y/00NA115, HH SAS - AS1Z/00NA117, HH Fibre - AS21/00NA119; LTO 5: FH Fibre - AS1S/00NA107, FH SAS - AS1T/00NA109, HH SAS - AS1U/00NA111, HH Fibre - AS1W/00NA113; LTO 4: FH Fibre -AS1M/00NA101, FH SAS - AS1N/00NA121, HH SAS - AS1Q/00NA105, HH Fibre - AS1P/00NA103
Path Failover FeatureAS04R/00NA069
Transparent LTO EncryptionAS18/00NA083
Rack MountAS1B/00NA089
Additional MagazinesRight-side: AS1F/00NA091, Left-side: AS1J/00NA097
LTO Ultrium Tape CartridgesLTO 7: ATNZ/00WF771, LTO 6: AS24/00NA025, LTO 5: AS23/00NA023, LTO 4: AS22/00NA021
LTO Ultrium Cleaning CartridgeAS1E/00NA017
Number of Drives / Cartridges1 – 2 / 24
Number of Mail Slots1
Physical Capacity (compressed/native)
Compression assumes 2.5:1 for LTO 7 and LTO 6, 2:1 for LTO 5 and LTO 4
Cartridge capacity
LTO 7: 15TB/6TB, LTO 6: 6.25TB/2.5TB, LTO 5: 3TB/1.5TB, LTO 4: 1.6TB/800GB
Library capacity
LTO 7: 360TB/144TB, LTO 6: 150TB/60TB, LTO 5: 72TB/36TB, LTO 4: 38TB/19TB
Data Transfer Rate (native per drive)LTO7: up to 300MBps, LTO6: up to 160MBps, LTO5: up to 140MBps, LTO4: up to 120MBps
Dimensions (W x H x D)
17.6in. (447.5mm) × 3.84in. (97.6mm) × 31.9in. (810mm)
Rack Mount17.6in. (447.5mm) × 3.44in. (87.6mm) × 29.13in. (740mm)
Weight33lbs (15kg) without rack mount
Attachment Support8Gbps Fibre Channel (4Gbps LTO4 full-height), 6Gbps SAS interfaces (3Gbps LTO4 full-height)
Operating Systems SupportNative device driver support is available for selected Lenovo servers and other Linux and Microsoft Windows open-system servers

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