Kode Produk: Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor
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Storage Management SoftwareNexentaStor
Scale-up StorageTwo nodes, plus up to 8 JBODs
Supported Networking Protocols: Unified File and Block10GbE NFSv3, NFSv4, 10GbE CIFS, SMB 3.0, 10GbE iSCSI, 8Gbps Fibre Channel, 16Gbps Fibre Channel
Data Availability and IntegrityActive/Active controllers, ZFS 256-bit block level checksums, RAID 10 and multi-parity software RAID (n&plus,1, n&plus,2, n&plus,3), Asynchronous replication
Data Services and OptimizationFlash and HDD hybrid pools, ZFS Copy On Write, unlimited writable snapshots, thin provisioning, inline data compression, CLI & Web UI, SNMP & REST API
Systems ManagementLenovo XClarity, NexentaFusion
Form Factor/Height (per node)2U Rack
Processor (base)Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2643 v4
Number of Processors (per node)2
Cache (per node)20MB
Memory (per node)256GB (16x16GB)
Disk Bays (per node)12 3.5-inch &plus, 2 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs
JBODs (per combined pair of nodes)Up to 8 x Lenovo Storage D1212 or Lenovo Storage D1224 – up to 960TB raw capacity
Network Interface (per node)2 1GbE &plus, 2 10Gb (base), optional SFP&plus,, Base-T, or FC
Power Supply (per node)1/2 redundant 750W AC, 80 PLUS® Platinum
Hot-Swap Components (per node)Power supplies, fan modules and HDDs/SSDs

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