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Operating System

  • Product OS
    Storage Center 7.1 or higher

    Server OS
    Microsoft® Windows Server®, Oracle® Solaris, HP®-UX, Oracle Linux, IBM® AIX®, Novell® NetWare, SLES, Apple, HPTru64, VMware®, Citrix® XenServer®, RedHat®


  • 256GB per SC7020 array (128GB per controller)


  • Dual 2.5GHz 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors per controller


  • Back-end Connectivity
    SAS (6Gb ,12Gb)

    NAS deployment connectivity (optional)
    Supports file-based storage via FS8600 NAS appliance


  • 2 controllers per SC7020 array (dual-active controllers)

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Operating temperature: 50 - 95°F (10 - 35°C)
    Non-operating temperature: -40 - 149°F (-40 - 65°C)
    Operating humidity ranges (non-condensing):10% to 80% with 29°C (84.2°F) maximum dew point
    Non-operating humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95% with 33°C (91°F) maximum dew point
    Inlet type: NEMA 5-15/CS22.2, n°42


  • Power/wattage: 2 hot-swappable 1485W power supplies
    Maximum output power: 1485 W 
    Maximum input power: 1688W 
    Maximum input current: 8.8 A 
    Maximum inrush current: 55A for 10 ms or less 
    Nominal input voltage operating range: 200-240 VAC 
    Nominal input frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Maximum thermal output/heat dissipation: 5,760 BTU per hour (all-in-one base appliance, no expansion enclosures)


  • Management interface
    Browser-based (HTML 5): 
    Unisphere for SC (element manager)
    Unisphere Central (multi-array management)
    CloudIQ (cloud-based analytics and monitoring)

    Client application: 
    Dell Storage Manager (multi-array, multi-site, cross-platform management)

    Create large multi-array systems under unified management, with seamless workload migration between arrays via included Live Migrate feature. Add like or unlike SC arrays non-disruptively, efficiently utilizing their combined capacity and performance. Volume Advisor monitors federated arrays to suggest optimal data placement and load balancing. Volume movement does not impact snapshots or replication data protection.2

    Scripting support
    Microsoft PowerShell API, RESTful API

    Host OS support
    Microsoft® Windows Server®, Oracle® Solaris, HP®-UX, Oracle Linux, IBM® AIX®, Novell® NetWare, SLES, Apple, HPTru64, VMware®, Citrix® XenServer®, RedHat® 

    Third-party application integration
    VMware, Microsoft, IBM, OpenStack™, Symantec™, Commvault®, Foglight™, Docker™

    VMware Metro Stretch Clusters, VMware SRM, IBM VIOS Recognized 

    Support assist (phone home), remote diagnostics and performance monitoring, automated alerts, reports andnotifications, departmental chargeback
  • Storage format 
    Block (SAN) and/or file (NAS) from same pool3

    Storage media 
    SAS and NL-SAS drives; different drive types, transfer rates and rotational speeds can be mixed in same system 
    SSD: Write-intensive, read-intensive (SLC, MLC and TLC formats)
    HDD: 15K, 10K, 7.2K RPM


  • Dimensions 
    Height: 13.33 cm (5.25 inches)
    Width: 44.5 cm (17.52 inches)
    Depth: 78.5 cm (30.9 inches)
    Weight: 24.22 kg (53.4 lb) (maximum configuration), 15.15 kg (33.4 lb) (empty)

    Rack support
    ReadyRails™ II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks

Drive Controllers

  • Supported expansion enclosures
    Dell SC400: 12 x 3.5" drive bays, 12Gb SAS
    Dell SC420: 24 x 2.5" drive bays, 12Gb SAS
    Dell SC460: 60 x 3.5” drive bays, 12Gb SAS
    Dell SC280: 84 x 3.5" drive bays, 6Gb SAS
    Dell SC200: 12 x 3.5” drive bays, 6Gb SAS
    Dell SC220: 24 x 2.5” drive bays, 6Gb SAS

    Maximum drive count
    606 (30 internal, plus 576 external)

    Supported drive types
    HDD: 15K, 10K, 7.2K RPM; SSD: write-intensive and read-intensive drives in SLC, MLC and TLC formats. Drive types can be mixed in the same system.

    Internal drive (back-end)
    4 x 12Gb SAS ports per SC7020 array (2 per controller)


  • Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, RAID 10 and RAID 10 DM (dual mirror). Any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single Storage Center. Multiple RAID levels can exist on the same storage tier within an array.