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Expansion Capacity

  • Supported expansion enclosures
    Dell EMC SC420F: 24 x 2.5” drive bays (12Gb SAS)

    Maximum drive count
    SC7020F: 606 drives per array, more in federated systems1
    SC5020F: 222 per array (with optional expansion enclosures), more in federated systems1

    Max raw capacity 
    SC7020F: 4PB per array, more in federated systems1
    SC5020F: 2.16PB per array, more in federated systems1

    Max raw capacity (NAS)
    4PB in single namespace (requires FS8600 NAS appliance)
    Up to 20PB with global namespace (requires FS8600 and multiple arrays)

    Storage media
    SSD: write-intensive and read-intensive drives (can be mixed in single system), SED SSDs

Data Optimization

  • Auto-tiering method 
    Policy-based migration based on real-time data usage, customizable 512KB-4MB page size.

    Auto-tiering structure
    Up to 2 SSD tiers (write- and read-intensive SSDs)

    Tiering customizations
    User-defined profiles, option to “pin” volumes to any tier 

    RAID support
    RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, RAID 10, and RAID 10 DM (Dual Mirror); any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single array

    RAID tiering
    Auto-provisions and dynamically restripes multiple RAID levels on the same tier; no need to pre-allocate RAID groups
    Thin provisioning
    Active by default on all volumes, operates at full performance across all features
    Thin snapshots
    Records changes only, snapshots auto-migrate to lower-cost storage
    Intelligent deduplication and compression
    Selectable option per volume 
    Compression-only option also available

Chassis Overview

  • Unless otherwise indicated, specifications apply to both SC7020F and SC5020F array models.

    Chassis format
    All-in-one (dual controllers, internal drive bays, networking and expansion ports)

    Rack size

    2 hot-swappable per chassis (active/active)

    Processors per controller
    SC7020F: Dual Intel® Xeon® Processors, E5-2628 v3 2.5GHz, 8 cores
    SC5020F: Single Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2630 v3, 2.4GHz, 8 cores

    Internal storage capacity
    30 x 2.5” drive bays

    System memory
    SC7020F: 256GB per array (128GB per controller)
    SC5020F: 128GB per array (64GB per controller)

    Operating system
    Dell Storage Center OS (SC OS) 7.2 or greater

Network and Expansion I/O

  • Front-end-network protocols
    FC, iSCSI (supports simultaneous multiprotocol)

    Max 32Gb FC ports
    SC7020F: 24 per array (SFP+)
    SC5020F: 8 per array (SFP+)

    Max 8/16Gb FC ports
    SC7020F: 24 per array (SFP+)
    SC5020F: 8 per array (SFP+)

    Max 100Gb iSCSI ports 

    SC7020F: 16 QSFP28 per array
    SC5020F: 8 QSFP28 ports per array

    Max 25Gb iSCSI ports
    SC7020F: 16 SFP28 per array
    SC5020F: 8 SFP28 ports per array

    Max 10Gb iSCSI ports
    SC7020F: 32 SFP+ (10Gb) or BaseT ports per array
    SC5020F: 16 SFP+ (10Gb) or BaseT ports per array

    Management ports
    2 per array (1Gb BASE-T)

    Back-end expansion protocols
    12Gb SAS

    Max back-end expansion ports
    SC7020: 24 per array
    SC5020: 8 per array 
    Up to 16 expansion enclosures per array


  • Array configurations
    All-flash arrays only

    Storage format
    Block (SAN) and/or file (NAS) from same pool with optional FS8600

    Max SAN hosts: 500

    Max initiator ports: 1000

    Max LUN size: 500TB

    Max number of LUNs: 2000

    Max number of snapshots:
    SC7020F: 16,384 
    SC5020F: 8,192

    Max IOPS:2 
    SC7020F: 1,200,000
    SC5020F: 1,025,000

    Max IOPS (with latency less than 1ms):3 
    SC7020F: 1,050,000 
    SC5020F: 818,000

    Max IOPS:4 
    (80% reads, 20% writes)
    SC7020F: 346,000 
    SC5020F: 330,000

    Max throughput (reads):5 
    SC7020F: 29,000 MB/s 
    SC5020F: 19,000 MB/s

    Max throughput (writes):6 
    SC7020F: 14,000 MB/s 
    SC5020F: 9,500 MB/s

Data Mobility and Migration

  • Replication
    Replicates with other SC Series arrays7
    Synchronous/Asynchronous via FC or iSCSI
    Target/source relationships may be one-to-many or many-to-one
    Supports all SC data services on source and target volumes
    Change replication types and topologies on demand
    Supports cross-platform replication with PS Series/EqualLogic arrays (either direction)

    Volume mobility
    Live Migrate (included in base product) enables host-transparent data movement among arrays; see also Federation section

    Federated multi-array systems 
    Live Migrate (included in base product) enables host-transparent movement of volumes among arrays
    Snapshots maintained/preserved during migration

    Thin Import
    Space-efficient, non-disruptive data migration from PS Series (EqualLogic) and MD3 arrays

    Thin Clones
    Clone standalone volumes with zero duplication of data
    Clones maintain independent snapshots and replication
    Ideal for VDI, test/dev, other applications that require discrete instances of common data
    More efficient than dedupe for database copies

Data Protection,

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