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Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Operating Temperature: 50 to 100.4 degrees F, 10 to 38 degrees C
    Non-Operating Temperature (short term/archival): 16 to 35 degrees C (60.8 to 95 degrees F)/16 to 25 degrees C (60.8 to 77 degrees F)
    Operating Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing
    Non-Operating Humidity (short term/archival): 20 to 80%/20 to 50% non-condensing


  • Power Requirements: 100-127 VAC

    Power Consumption: Up to 85W with two drives in operation

Media Types

  • LTO


  • Form Factor: 2U Rack Mount
    Height: 86.9 mm (3.42 inch)
    Width: 482.5 mm (19.00 inch)
    Depth: 480.7 mm (18.93 inch) including bezel
    Weight: 8.3 Kg (18.4 lbs)

    LED for fan status
    Power on/off switch

Media Types

  • LTO

Transfer Rate and Backup Rate

  • LTO-8 drives: 1080GB/hr (Native)
    LTO-7 drives: 1080GB/hr (Native)
    LTO-6 drives: 576GB/hr (Native)
    LTO-5 drives: 504GB/hr (Native)

Server Compatibility

  • Dellâ„¢ and x86 IBM legacy, Lenovo and HP servers

Hard Drive

  • LTO-8

    Native Capacity: 12TB1
    Native performance: 300MB/s
    Media used: LTO8
    BackRead compatible: LTO7
    Interface: SAS


    Native Capacity: 6TB1
    Native performance: 300MB/s
    Media used: LTO7
    BackRead compatible: LTO6, LTO5
    Interface: SAS


    Native Capacity: 2.5TB1
    Native performance: 160MB/s
    Media used: LTO6
    BackRead compatible: LTO5, LTO4
    Interface: SAS


    Native Capacity: 1.5TB1
    Native performance: 140MB/s
    Media used: LTO5
    BackRead compatible: LTO4, LTO3
    Interface: SAS

Drive Controllers

  • 6Gb SAS HBA for PowerEdge 12th generation servers
    12Gb SAS for PowerEdge 13th generation servers


  • Dell-supported Tape Backup Software2:

    For a list of supported tape backup software, refer to the Dell PowerVault Tape Compatibility Matrix

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