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Bill of Material 
Lenovo Servers
● Lenovo x3650 M5 HPIO and x3550 M5
● Lenovo x3850 X6
● Lenovo sd350
● Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 M5 and nx360 M5 WCT
Lenovo Storage Units
Lenovo S2200 and Lenovo S3200
● Lenovo System x GSS JBODs
Lenovo Networking
1Gb Ethernet
● Lenovo RackSwitch G8052, G7052, G7028
10Gb Ethernet
● Lenovo RackSwitch G8264, G8124, G8272, G8296
40Gb Ethernet
● Lenovo RackSwitch G8332
HPC Interconnects
Mellanox InfiniBand Fabric
● Mellanox SX6036 36-port Non-blocking Unmanaged FDR 56Gbps InfiniBand Switch
● Mellanox SX6025 36-port Non-blocking Unmanaged FDR 56Gbps InfiniBand Switch
● Mellanox SB7700 36-port Non-blocking Managed EDR 100Gbps InfiniBand Switch
● Mellanox SB7790 36-port Non-blocking Unmanaged EDR 100Gbps InfiniBand Switch Intel® Omni-Path Fabric 100 Series
● Intel OPA 100 Series 24-port and 48-port Unmanaged Edge Switches
Racks and More
Rack Cabinets
● LeSI 42U 1200mm Deep Primary Rack
● LeSI 42U 1200mm Deep Expansion Rack
● LeSI 42U 1100mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Rack
● LeSI 42U 1100mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Expansion Rack
Rack Options
● Lenovo Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2
● Lenovo WCT Manifold
● Environmental Monitoring Probe Kit
KVM Switches and Consoles
● Local 1X8 Console Manager (LCM8) and Local 2X16 Console Manager (LCM16)
● Global 2X2X16 Console Manager (GCM16) and Global 4X2X32 Console Manager (GCM32)
● IBM 1U 18.5-inch Standard Console and IBM 1U 18.5-inch Enhanced Media Console Cables
● IntraRack Cable Service
● LC Fibre storage and network cables, SAS Cables, UCO/KCO/VCO Cables
● 1Gb Ethernet Cables (Yellow, Blue, Green, Black), Optical MTB Cables, Copper and Optical QSFP Cables, DAC abd DAC-SFP+ Breakout Cables
OEM SoftwareIBM® Spectrum Scale™
Open Source SoftwarexCat/Confluent
ScalabilityIndividual configuration based on the components above scaling from single to 10,000s of systems.
● 1410 rack onsite hardware installation is included at no additional charge
● HPC cluster software services and SupportLine are available as optional fee-based services
● Cluster Installation Support Services are available through the Professional Services as optional fee-based services
Operating Systems SupportedSUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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